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Individuals, businesses and properties in our safe hands

We provide private investigation, personal protection, special event security, armoured courier services, gun training and certification services. Depending on the needs of our customers, our wide range of services can be utilized to address their security needs.
Delivering a complete range of security related services, Anchor Security Services have trained security guards at your service whenever you need them. Our priority is your protection and peace of mind at all times.

Besides the primary benefit of crime deterrence, our clients utilise our armed and unarmed security services for ample savings through prevention of thefts and property damage.

Security Guards:

We provide a team of well-trained security guards to relieve you of all vexations appertaining to your security and management. Whether you want armed or unarmed guards in plain clothes or uniform, we provide you the required manpower for your full security needs.

Firearm Training:

We specialise in defensive firearms and training services. Our absolute best training services will leave you with unmatchable skills. With us, you will learn to be safe, confident and self-sufficient. Protect yourself and your family with our self-defence shooting skills.

Private Investigation:

We offer reliable and scalable solutions to fit your personal, corporate and legal needs. Our professional investigators collect evidence and keep you fully up-to-date with the progress of the investigation. Get the answers you need and prepare for future court proceedings.

Armoured Courier Services:

Our heavily armoured and efficient vehicles on the road protect your investment, cash and checks with honesty, integrity and trust. We help you enjoy peace of mind with our around the clock security services. In our custody, your deposits are always safe!

Gun Dealers:

Anchor Security Services has made it possible for law-abiding Belizeans to carry a firearm for their security. We are the certified gun dealers and offer certificates to all citizens interested in having a firearm. Buy the right gun from us and stay safe!
Trust the security of your family, business and property to Anchor Security Services. Our goal is to make communities a better place to live. Stay safe with our security guards present on your property or event.

For complete security of your family